S.N. Name of the Company Name of the CEO Product/Work Contact No. E-mail
1 ATRIM Electronics Pvt. Ltd Mr. Shivam Dikshit
  • GPS Car Tracker Device
  • Cool Connect
  • Acrylic LED signage
  • Token Display
  • GSM Modem
  • Tubewell automation through mobile programming.
    +919971259110 shivam@atrim.in
    2 D. Devshi Engineers Pvt, Ltd. Mr. Rahvindra Singh
    • Machhuara Innovation
    • Remote control switch for fan & light.
    • Home automation.
    +919897692145 rahvindradev@gmail.com
    3 Dhaka Metrology & Measuring Instruments Mr. Sandeep Dhaka Digi-Num Fuel Meter +919999061201 sundeepdhaka@hotmail.com
    4 Gyanjula Technologies Pvt. Limited Mr. Animesh kumar Srivastava Gyanjula-AI based assessments +8791345681 gyanjula@gmail.com
    5 Quest Technologies Enterprises Mr. Deep Singh There are 3 basic technologies on which we are working on namely - Augmented reality. Virtual reality.
    and Web GL system and we want to take that into education sector as these technologies have tremendous amount of potential in this industry.
    +7838706469 questeducationaltechnologies@gmail.com
    6 HyperX Energy Pvt. Limited Mr. Raman Sharma Advanced driver assist system based perforrmance Electric Motorcycle with modular powertrain architecture +9811672640 raman@hyperxenergy.com
    7 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Sudesh Upadhay Online Inverter +9045867539 sudesh.upadhyay.2012@gmail.com
    8 Krishakart Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey Kisan Cart- online agriculture machinery +7376024630 sanjay.cs@engineer.com
    9 RCube Green Technologies Pvt. Limited Mr. Vipin Karhana Smart Motor Meter for ground water monitoring and control +7065151075 vipin.karhana@gmail.com
    10 Zeolr Technologies Private Limited Mr. Ajay kumar Saini Respir ON-A smart asthama & COPD management platform +8802779344 ajay@zeolr.com
    11 Earth Pots Planting Solutions LLP Ms. Saloni Mittal Clean air through plants +9953400706 earthnpots@gmail.com
    12 Avrioenergy Pvt. Limited. Mr. Puneet kumar Batra SmartSol- leveraging data to build a sustainable and secure energy future +9920935066 puneet@avrioenergy.in
    13 Enray Solutions, LLP Mr. Rishabh Bhardwaj Solar Panel Cleaning System +9999597387 enraysolutions@gmail.com
    14 Atulya Motors LLP Mr. Abhishek Singh Rathore Prototype of Electric motorcycle +9455559781 arathore18@gmail.com
    15 Adamy Motors LLP Mr. Alok kumar Yadav Hybrid Electric Bicycle +7906169283 alokkumaryadav29@gmail.com
    16 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Sudhir kumar Rai All in one solution of milk +9452787872 sudhir.rai1994@gmail.com
    17 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Somya Saxena Vriddha +9027209112 somyasaxena@hotmail.com
    18 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Abhay Sharma ANIDERS (Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent system +8860505775 abhay.praveen@gmail.com
    19 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Kunaal Punj Sleep khopcha +9650062800 punjkunaal@gmail.com
    20 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Anshul Gupta Permanent kerb stone cleaner +9990169827 anshul.gupta58@gmail.com
    21 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Aman Singhal Solartrix +9650386779 amansinghal32@gmail.com
    22 Company Registration Under Process Ms. Gayatri Rai Tech-Turtle +7895899293 gaytri.rai.54@gmail.com
    23 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Ankit Singh Rawat Cattle dung paper manufacturing machine +8447640436 ankitgzb319@gmail.com
    24 Company Registration Under Process Mr. Akhilesh Rai Smart Mali.
    Autonomous vertical garden system
    +9450338806 akhilesh1997rai@gmail.com
    25 Bhurak Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Kumar Satyam Artificial intellengence surveliiance +7060448441 support@bhurak.com
    26 Edugorilla Community Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rohit Manglik Online Mock Test +9410007819 hello@edugorill.com
    27 Tettly Soft Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Amit Singh Sengar Manpower outsourcing services & iSnack machines +9654916779 tech.tomar@gmail.com
    28 Mechatron Uberlegen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Mohd. Lokhandwala Clutchomatic: An automatic clutch operating system for a vehicle. +9833367577 mlokhandwala@mechatron.in
    29 Inderhal LLP Mr. Inderjeet singh Single powered rotor for various agricultural activities such as ploughing.
    making furrows and rides.
    sowing seeds.
    cutting and collection small crops.
    +7451878820 inderjeetsinghrathi@gmail.com
    30 D-Town Robotics Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Avinash Chandr Pal Counter-UAV System +8445369890 dtownrobotics@gmail.com
    31 Yet to registered Mr. Ankit Tyagi On field rice straw management: Bio-energy pellets from unwanted straw. +9319036162 ankit.tyagi2201@gmail.com
    32 Vyamanik Aerospace Mr. Akhand Pratap Singh 2D & 3D Mapping with Drones +8182830960 aps8182830960@gmail.com
    33 Oston Technology Mr. Syar Singh Transform existing toilet into a friendly toilet for physically challenge people +8890777309 ostontechnology@gmail.com
    34 Yet to registered Mr. Praval Kumar Waste management & Processing +9897968686 pravalkmr1@gmail.com
    35 Yet to registered Mr. Kumar Kalika Reusable flow monitoring device +8434746334 kumar.kalika007@gmail.com