List of Patents Applied

Sr. No. Name of Company Name of Company Owner Patent Details Remarks
1 M.G. Corporation Mr. Saurabh Singhal How to memorise toughest English words. Copyrights
2 Immortals Mr. Tuhin Srivastava Krishak-The mini farm Tractor. Patent File No: 3358/DEL/2013
3 Immortals Mr. Tuhin Srivastava Tricky, a hybrid tricycle for differently abled. Patent File No: 102/DEL/2013
4 Vizortex R&D Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Viswanath Singh Modification at apexes Wankl Rotary Engine. Patent File No: 3098/DEL/2012
5 Vizortex R&D Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Viswanath Singh Rongo Reaper. Patent File No: 979/DEL/2013
6 Vizortex R&D Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Viswanath Singh Jugnu: An Automatic street light System. Patent File No: 1453/DEL/2014
7 SRB Design & Solution Mr. Saurav Chaudhry 3600 Air Cooler. Patent File No: 1688/DEL/2013
8 Tech At I Mr. Atitosh Singh Cata-Anaerobic Biogas Plant. Patent File No: E-2/1160/2017-DEL
9 Jhansi R&D Mr. Amit Verma A System and Method of sensing pre-ignition. Patent File No: TEMP/E-1/18682/2017-DEL
10 Enray Solution LLP Mr. Rishabh Bhardwaj Automatic System & Method for Solar Panel Cleaning Patent File No: 1461/17.01.18